Art Director / CG Designer


While attending art school in Tours, France—and in between a rigorous schedule of all-night partying—Olivier Bucheron (aka Zamak) worked in a foundry. As he explains, « it was a dirty and filthy place where we made whatever for whoever—a hot spot, I’ll tell you that! » It was there, amidst the grit and grime of machinery and alloys, that Bucheron first conceived the idea to build his own machines. But unlike the practical machinery surrounding him, his creations would be more surreal—the type of characters plucked from science fiction or fantasy. Bucheron’s striking robots, vehicles, and machines reflect the vivid creativity and near-obsessive attention to detail of a dedicated artisan. From the choice of paint, to the texture of the metal, to the way light is reflected, each of his characters is a highly evolved study in the boundaries of human imagination.